3 Tips for Trying to Slow Down

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3 Tips for Trying to Slow Down in a fast paced world.

3 Tips for Trying to Slow Down
3 Tips for Trying to Slow Down

What if we didn’t have to do ALL THE THINGS? What if we could actually figure out what is most important to us and to our families and just do those things?

We can. We have to allow ourselves to. 

So this is my new goal.

Here are my 3 Tips for Trying to Slow Down. 

That is what I want. I have really been thinking long and hard on this. MY FAMILY does not have to do everything another family is doing. I do not need pressure from others saying “you should do that” or “the kids would love to do that”.

We love to have simple family time. And that should be enough. We do not need to go and do things every weekend or to events every week.

What if we could slow down and start making time for the things that matter? And when I say matter I mean things that matter to US and no one else. Like playing outside in our yard or pretend play mommy and daddy are dancing at a ball.

Social Media has become something that has made us all busy. I have found myself thinking I needed to keep up with all the other moms and do all the things they do. But I don’t.

I know I have said this before but it needs to be said again..

Motherhood is a journey that is not meant to be the same for anyone.Click To Tweet

Don’t tell me how I should do things as a mom. Or how my kids need this or that. And that I’m doing things wrong. It’s ok. Let me live my own journey with my kids.

Now don’t get me wrong I love tips or tricks to make things easier but I also like to do things my own way.

I just feel like I need to slow down.

3 tips for trying to slow down.

– uninstall social media from your phone. You can still look at social media just don’t let it be so readily available every second of the day. Maybe only look at it once during the day.

-Have a “do nothing day”. Enjoy the outdoors. Pick out a day and pack a lunch. Go and do whatever you want and just be outside all day. No to-list allowed. It is so refreshing.

– Be present in anything and everything you are doing. No matter the task or activity. Put your phone away and give your whole self. Whether it be playing in the floor with the kids or sitting beside the bath tub at the kids bath time to play. Another thing that comes to mind about being present is also being a good listener. Really listen when people talk.

Slow Down.

This is at the top of my to-do list. My #1 2017 goal!

I would love tips for this. It will be a journey that I am excited to try. 

3 Tips for trying to Slow Down
3 Tips for trying to Slow Down

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