About Simply Happy Mama

Hello there! My name is Courtney. 🙂 My favorites call me mama! 

Motherhood! It is the hardest and most amazing thing.

I am a simple mama attempting to keep my home organized and clean.. working to have everyone fed and bathed.. and make everything simple and happy 🙂 I love FREE PRINTABLES for Motherhood and I create them for YOU here on Simply Happy Mama Blog!


Sometimes I just need some inspiration and motivation on my journey in motherhood. Being a Mommy is hard and wonderful stuff.

Do you know that feeling, Mama?

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Motherhood is my most favorite thing! {EVEN WHEN IT’S NOT!}

As a family, we love fun things outside, vacations, and time together.


Things that make me happy: COFFEE, my two daughters, my twin boys, and gardening.

Also, I am deeply in love with cheesecake. ANY FLAVOR OR VARIETY. 

I should add that my husband is my best friend and is always making me laugh 🙂

I want to encourage and motivate anyone called Mama with my {FREE} printables I send in my weekly emails!

I know on this journey of motherhood I make mistakes. So I am always looking to be encouraged to be a better mother to my sweet girls.

I know you are too!

The number 1 spot on my to-do list is always taken by: Be a Happy Mama.

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