Children’s Garden Books {A Fun way to LEARN about...

Children’s Garden Books I was recently thinking about ways to teach my children about seeds and gardening. There are so many possibilities and to be honest, we did a lot of seed starting and gardening last year. Keep Reading

Fall To-Do List for the Family

I didn’t add porch sitting to the to-do list. But I am a huge fan of it in the fall. My morning coffee with a cool breeze. I am so ready.   This is our Keep Reading

Easy seed starting with children

Easy Seed Starting with Children This past year I had a grand idea to start seeds indoors. It actually was a great idea because we had success. My toddler helped. She loved it really. I Keep Reading

5 Tips for Growing Tomatoes

5 Tips for Growing Tomatoes This post has affiliate links. This simply means sometimes I recommend a product or service, and if you choose to purchase that product or service via my recommendation, I will Keep Reading

Flowers for easy to handle hanging baskets

I love spring and summer. It just makes me feel good you know? The warm air and beautiful sunsets from my back porch are amazing. Spring means flowers are coming and flowers make me happy. Keep Reading