Children’s Garden Books {A Fun way to LEARN about Gardening with Kids!}

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Children’s Garden Books

I was recently thinking about ways to teach my children about seeds and gardening. There are so many possibilities and to be honest, we did a lot of seed starting and gardening last year. I felt like she got a lot of hands-on learning then.

So, since my toddler has grown to love books I thought it would be a great time to add some Children’s Garden Books to our collection!
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My favorite time of year is always Spring. I love it and my kids love it too. We enjoy being outside and playing. (And, it is an amazing way to get out all their unlimited toddler energy!)

I am really excited for this Spring because I created a Small Garden Planning Workbook to keep all my Garden plans organized and simple! Which is always great when you have 2 toddlers running around! YOU CAN CHECK IT OUT HERE!

Now, on to the Children’s Garden Books.

Children's Garden Books

These books really are getting me excited about starting our garden! We have started our seeds for our tomatoes and peppers so far. The waiting is no fun but when the little plant appears and we get to watch it grow into something that gives us food that makes it an amazing process!

To learn more about each book just click the link!

Little Seeds
From Seed to Plant
Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt
Planting a Rainbow
The Tiny Seed
From the Garden: A Counting Book About Growing Food
Bugs! Bugs! Bugs!
National Geographic Readers: Seed to Plant
Eating the Alphabet
If You Plant a Seed
Plant the Tiny Seed

I wish that I could keep the children still more often than I do so I could read to them more. But, I am just going to be happy with the time they do give me.

What are some of your tips for getting children to sit still and listen to Mommy read to them?


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