Countdown to Disney

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Ā šŸ™‚ Well, it is time for our family to start the countdown to Disney World. I am beyond excited about this trip. I love Disney.Ā 

My husband has never been and does not share my excitement. šŸ™Ā 


Our 2 girls are going to love it. And, we will love them loving it.

So, here is how we are doing the countdown. We will be using post-its each day with the number šŸ™‚ like these Post-it Pink ColorsĀ šŸ™‚

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Countdown to Disney


Countdown to Disney
Countdown to Disney

Just a few things I have learned in this process..

I didn’t realize the work that goes into planning a Disney trip. I was shocked to see I needed to make reservations 180 days in advance to eat at the places we wanted.Ā 

We are attempting to go budget friendly. I did book in May when Disney offers free meal plans. I am excited about it because I have never been to Disney on a meal plan. I could write an entire post on using your meal plan credits the best way. A lot of planning goes into maximizing meal credits.

We are staying at a budget friendly hotel, Disney’s All Star Resort. It’s a sports-themed Disney hotel. I have stayed at this hotel before so it was really a safe decision since I know what to expect.


Let me tell you. It is hard booking character dining meals. And since we have 2 girls it is a must that we dine with princesses.

Tips for reservations at character dining restaurants:

1) It is absolutely true that you need to book reservations 180 days out. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THIS FACT.

2) Have a plan for what parks you will do each day before sitting down to book dining reservations. This way you know which park to book dining in each day.

3) YOU CANNOT EXPECT TO BOOK ALL CHARACTER DINING EXPERIENCES. Sometimes, you just don’t have time for it all. That is ok, I promise.
There is a lotĀ of information on planning a Family Disney Vacation online. It has helped me a lot in this planning process.



The Disney App on your phone will be a great tool. I am excited to share some planning tips for a Disney vacation with little ones. So check back soon!Ā 

I now have to start planning the whole packing bags for the family part. (Makes me have a headache just thinking about it!)


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