Easy seed starting with children

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Easy Seed Starting with Children

This past year I had a grand idea to start seeds indoors.

It actually was a great idea because we had success.

My toddler helped. She loved it really. I let her fill the containers with the seed starting¬†mix. It was a huge mess but fun at the same time. She loved playing in the dirt. ūüôā

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I am really excited this Spring because I created a Small Garden Planning Workbook to keep all my Garden plans organized and simple! Which is always great when you have 2 toddlers running around! YOU CAN CHECK IT OUT HERE!

Easy seed starting with children
Easy seed starting with children


Here are some Tips for Easy Seed Starting with Children.

Supplies needed:

    1. Containers for starting seeds ( egg cartons, water bottles, or milk jugs)
    2. Seed Starting Mix (like THIS)
    3. Seeds
    4. Water
    5. Spray Bottle (works well to water for toddlers HERE)

Seed Starting

We used anything we had on hand as containers. Water bottles, milk jugs, and egg cartons were the most used here but I’m sure anything would work.¬†

Make sure to wet the seed starting mix well when putting in each container. It takes more water than I had thought to get the mix to absorb the water well.

We picked out our seeds and then followed the directions on the back of each pack when planting. I used plastic wrap over the seeds with a few small holes punch in it. Then after the seeds started to sprout I took it off.

We picked out the sunniest window in the house to place them. I let my little one water with a spray bottle each day.

Then it was on to the hard part. Waiting.

Our vegetables did well but we weren’t as lucky with our flowers.

Vegetable seeds we planted:


Cherry Tomatoes



Bell Peppers


Banana Peppers

NOTE- We normally direct sow our cucumbers and squash. They tend to sprout fast and I wanted my toddler to see some action with the seeds so we started a few indoors.

Flower Seeds we planted:


Snap Dragons




I did use an organic fertilizer after the seeds had grown to be about an inch tall and had “true leaves”

Easy Seed starting with Children will be something I do each year with the kids. I think it is amazing to see them learn and enjoy the whole process.
What are some of your tips for seed starting with children?

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