Flowers for easy to handle hanging baskets

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I love spring and summer. It just makes me feel good you know?

The warm air and beautiful sunsets from my back porch are amazing. Spring means flowers are coming and flowers make me happy. I enjoy starting seeds and all gardening. We actually have two vegetable gardens this year. I have plans for my hubby to build me a greenhouse and I am beyond excited about that.

But, first I want to talk about flowers for easy to handle hanging baskets.

flowers for easy to handle hanging baskets

I love easy to handle hanging baskets on my back porch. With hanging baskets sometimes they require a lot of watering but I have some tips that will help with that.

My favorite “filler” annual flowers are petunias. I love all varieties of them. They are great for my easy to handle hanging baskets because they love sun. My back porch gets a lot of sun during the day. I usually start with baby diapers in the bottom of each basket before I add the potting mix. This helps them retain moisture which will help with not having to water them as much.

My favorite “thriller” annual is snapdragons. They are a taller flower that you can get in any color.

My favorite “spiller” flower is creeping jenny. I love the bright green color and how easy they are. I have a planter that they come back in every year. I just pull some and stick in the sides of my hanging baskets and they root with no problems.

Thriller. Filler. Spiller.
Thriller. Filler. Spiller.

This photo was taken when it was first planted so this basket will be over flowing in a few weeks.

The purple and white flowers are the petunias. The bright green are the creeping jenny.


Impatients are a good shade flower. I’ve never had much luck with them but my mom always has. 


I love planting and gardening of any kind. My little ones will love it as well. Being outside always makes me happy.

What are some of your tips for hanging basket flowers? 


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