Freezing Bell Peppers the Easy Way

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Freezing Bell Peppers the Easy Way

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Freezing Bell Peppers the Easy Way


I have always loved bell peppers. I use them a lot in cooking or for a snack. There are lots of colors and textures in the different varieties. 

I grow a few varieties in my garden each year and almost always I have plenty to put in the freezer for cooking later.

This year the garden is really pumping out some bell peppers for me to freeze. I’m very happy about it too.

It’s great for meal prep to have these in the freezer. Also, you have some ready to go in the winter when the price is high.

I have tried a few ways freezing bell peppers and I have found this to be a pretty easy way that works best for our family. 

I try to have sliced and diced bell peppers in the freezer when we dont have them fresh. I use sliced for fajitas or a philly cheese steak. And I use the diced for meatloaf or soups. The possibilities are really endless with bell peppers since they are not spicy. I can throw them in about anything around here if I want.

I tried vacuum sealing last year and it worked ok, but truth be told it seemed like it took up more time than I needed it to.

So, I found that flash freezing them and putting in a large zip lock bag works best for me. It cuts the time in half really. Then when I need some I just open the bag and they are not stuck together so I can just get out what I need and put back. 


When I flash freeze anything I just cut it up the way I want and then lay it on a baking sheet. I do like to lay it so that nothing touches. I then put the baking sheet in the freezer for an hour or so. This makes it faster when doing diced Ninja Express Chop.

I then put the froze bell peppers in a zip lock bag and get as much air out as possible and return to the freezer.

There they will be when I need them 🙂




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