Kudo Banz- A Positive Parenting Tool

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Are you happy with the way you are Parenting?



I am not. I feel my patience running thin way too often. I raise my voice when I don’t want to and say things I  later realize was not the right thing to say.


I am not the perfect parent and I will never claim to be. But, I want to be a better parent to my children.


I have strong-willed little ones that test me daily. Do you know that feeling?



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Positive Parenting Tool





Kudo Banz is similar to a sticker chart reward system but it’s on your child’s wrist. And, I find that the best part is the flexibility of the program. It is a tool used to reward your child for good behavior and can be used anywhere you go because your child wears the bracelet.

Each and every child is different and that means that the parenting techniques used have to be different to best suit the child. And with Kudo Banz you are in total control of the way you use this system as a tool in your parenting routine.

Why it Works

Structure, awareness, immediate recognition. And all in a positive manner. That’s why Kudo Banz works. It involves and engages kids so they know what is expected, can keep it in mind, and are timely rewarded for exhibiting good behavior. Psychologists and parenting experts agree that this approach is one of the most effective means of creating lasting change.


How We have Started Our Journey With Kudo Banz


We chose 3 behaviors we wanted to change then we talked about how we would use the Kudo Banz to earn charms when my child showed great behavior. She understood the process and then we read the book together that explained it even more. 

For example: My 5-year-old can earn a charm for-

  1. Doing as I ask, as soon as I ask
  2. Eating all her food on her plate
  3. Controlling her emotions (not whining)

When she reaches 3 charms on her bracelet she gets to open the app on my phone, scan her last charm and spin the wheel to find out what reward she has earned. (You customize the rewards yourself on the app!)

She is really engaged with this tool which I am very happy with. You could use it for getting homework completed, bedtime routine, or any area you feel you want to work on with your child.


What exactly is Kudo Banz?

A fun charm bracelet used to reward good behavior with a fun themed charm. (My daughters favorites are the princess collection and cat collection!)  The bracelet is used to encourage a  Positive Behavior Support System in your home.



What do you get in your starter kit?

  • Storybook: The hardcover storybook gets kids excited about their new adventure and introduces Kudo Banz in a fun way. 

  • 4 Kudos Charms: Kudos motivate kids to become better listeners with positive reinforcement.

  • 2 Magical Kudos: Scan & watch them magically appear! Magical Kudos come to life with the Kudo Banz app.

  • Banz: Kids can easily see their progress right on their wrists. The 1,2,3 on the bands keep them focused. 

  • FREE App: The app is a magical experience that even includes a customized reward wheel.

  • Carrying Pouch: To make it simple and convenient to use at home and on-the-go, we’ve included a carrying pouch too.



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How we have changed things up to work best with our family.


  • We leave the bracelet in the same place every day while she is at school and when she gets home she can choose to wear it or not. But, we know at all times how many charms she has and she understands when she can earn more. 


  • At school, the behavior chart is made to reflect the children’s choices during the day at school. So, they can move up 3 spots to outstanding leader or down 3 spots for making bad choices. Obviously, they get rewards for being at the top. And, since I cannot change the way the behavior chart is done at school I have decided to use our Kudo Banz in line with that system. Ex. Even though they do not advise to take away a charm for bad behavior my daughter assumed that’s how it worked since that’s the way it happens at school. 


  • In the app you download on your phone you get to customize the rewards you children get for earning all 3 charms. We added baking cookies since that is a fun thing we enjoy. 

Another great thing about using Kudo Banz is that you can choose when to use it and when to pack it away for when you need it again. Because Kudo Banz turns behaviors into habits.


I’m excited to see our progress on this system! Do you think this is something that may help with your parenting?






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