How to Love Your Home Even When You Don’t

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How to Love Your Home Even When You Don’t. Free Printable at the end of this post.


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How to Love Your Home Even When You Don't 
How to Love Your Home Even When You Don’t

Why would loving your home be important?


Because it can make you feel content and happy.


It can make you feel good to be at home.



Most of us do not live in ideal homes. We live with random furniture handed down and collected over time. We may live in a home that was not custom built absolutely for our taste and needs. (Rasing my hand here!)

With the season of life my family is in right now, being at home is what is best for our family. We have a 15-month-old and a 4-year-old. They are both high energy and strong willed. We are going non stop throughout the week with school and activities. I long to be at HOME come Friday afternoon. But, I didn’t love my home for a while.


I struggled with being upset that my home wasn’t what I wanted it to be for so long.

It really brought me down emotionally.

We are on a one income budget that doesn’t allow me to make “home decor purchases”. And on top of that, we are in the process of tearing out floors and redoing them.

(Not by choice I must add. Moisture issues from the weather.)

Again, not loving my home. Not happy.


As a new stay at home mom being unhappy with my home was wearing me down.

Every day I felt it tearing at me.

Then something happened. I started thinking differently. I knew I was blessed with so many things and I was taking them for granted. The problem wasn’t with my home.

The problem was with my thinking. I needed to live more intentionally and creatively. Try this here.


I had to change the way I was thinking. I had to use my craftiness to make my home what I wanted with what I had.

I had to make myself understand that my home couldn’t be what I wanted because I do not have the resources to make it that right now. And that’s ok.

There will be a season of life that I can do things I want to my home. But for now, I do DIY projects with things I have and make things work. It’s a challenge and it keeps me busy. But, it also makes me happy.

Steps you can take to Love your Home (even if you don’t).


  • Take on an organizing project. This really helped me by making me focus on actually organizing EVERYTHING. It is a huge process to go to your home and organize every closet and drawer. But, It feels amazing once you do it. I was loving my home a little more with everything having a spot.
  • Paint something! ANYTHING! It is weird how this works by taking something and painting it you are creating something new. It feels new and different and sometimes that is all we need to make us feel more content with our homes. Making something our own.




Here is a FREE Cleaning Printable for tackling clutter in your amazing home!

Free Printable for Cleaning Out Clutter from your home

Free Printable for Cleaning Out Clutter from your home
Free Printable for Cleaning Out Clutter from your home

What are some of your thoughts on How to Love Your Home Even When You Don’t?

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