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Kids Bento Box





I love to shop for Lunch Packing Supplies! It’s my thing!

I enjoy packing a healthy and attractive lunch for my children.


A Kids Bento box is the best thing for making my picky eaters eat healthily!


So, first let’s start with..

Are you a lunch packing mama?

I enjoy packing “pretty” lunches for my kids with healthy foods. One of the main purposes that I do is because I can control what they eat (so I know they are eating fruits and veggies!)

This is why I chose a kids bento box for my little ones! It is easy to open and everything is ready to be eaten as soon as it is opened.

But, it can be time-consuming to pack a kids bento box lunch.

I have found some great lunch packing supplies over the years that make it so much faster and effortless!

Now that I have been lunch packing for a few years, I can make a pretty lunch in no time! You can too!

What is a Kids Bento Box?


It is a multi-compartment box for a home packed lunch. It makes it easy to just open and start eating without having to open a lot of bags or containers. I like to think it helps children eat healthier because it is usually packed to be visually delicious.

I thought I would share with you some great lunch packing supplies I use and love.


  •   This is the box we use and love! It is a Yumbox and it’s leakproof! We are on year 3 with ours and still going strong! I put it in the dishwasher on the top rack each night no issues at all. We put it in our lunch bag with an ice pack each day.


  • This is the snack box we use and it is also a Yumbox. I wash it in the top rack of dishwasher too. It is a small box but great for my 6-year-olds snack each day.


  •  Want to pack a hot and cold lunch together? No problem! The Omie lunch box is great for that! It has an easy to open, made in compartment that keeps things warm and then the outer compartments keep items cool. It is also leakproof! We love ours!
  •   This is a PlanetBox ROVER Stainless Steel Lunch Box. We do not have this one yet because I feel like it is a little too big for what we need right now but It will probably be the lunch box we get when we out grow the one we have now.


  •  This box is great for a DIY lunchable. We do crackers, ham, cheese, and a treat.


  • I love to use these veggie, fruit, and cheese cutters just to make lunch a little more fun!


  •  These come in handy when I want to separate things in each compartment. Also, it makes it easier to clean the lunch box when I put things like peanut butter in this and then in her lunch box.


  •  Sandwich cutters are always fun and functional for kids who do not like the crust of the bread. (MINE!)


  •  I use cutters like these for everything really. Sandwiches, veggies, fruit, cheese, and jello.


  •  I love to use food picks because it makes it easy for kids to pick up and fun looking to make them WANT to eat their broccoli!


  •  When you want to pack a hot lunch like chicken nuggets, grilled cheese, or hot pasta the Thermos is the way to go. It keeps food warm for a long period of time. It is great for cold winter days!




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What are some tips you have for packing lunches?






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