Play Room Storage Ideas for Moms

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Play Room Storage Ideas

After the Christmas toys have been opened this Mama is feeling a little overwhelmed with clutter in our play room. We NEED Play Room Storage Ideas.

The main reason we have a play room is to keep the girl’s bedrooms simple. You know, bed, dressers, and a few items they love.

We love having a playroom and enjoy spending time in it.

I feel like the less that is in their room the more relaxed they feel at bedtime.

Back to the playroom storage ideas. BECAUSE OUR PLAYROOM NEEDS STORAGE IDEAS. It is bad y’all, really.

Play Room Storage Ideas

1. Book Rack

2. Collapsible Storage Bin

3. 3 Tier Storage Organizer Box with Shelves

4. Toy and Book Storage Boxes

5. Organizer Caddy

6. Plastic Storage Boxes with Handles

7.  Over Door Storage Organizer

8. Organizer Bins

9. Small Colored Storage Bin



I have decided our playroom will be organized into stations.

1. Play Kitchen/Home (We have a kitchen, refrigerator, washer/dryer, table and doll highchair.)

2. Play Market/Store (We have a farmers market with wooden fruits and veggies with cash registers.)

3. Art & Reading (We have 2 art desks and an easel.)

4. Small Bins for Small Toy Play (We have thousands of small toys with hundreds of accessories.)

I love that I have it all figured out in my head but the hard part is making it all work in our space.

We will see how it all goes. I want to pick a new paint color, but I’m not so sure I am up to painting it just yet. Our home has not so much been a home lately because of a flooring remodel so I don’t want to start a HUGE project just yet. I think I will stick to just getting things organized. This is my plan for now.

Do you have any tips for me? I would love to hear them!

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