Quality Time- Make it Count with Your Child!

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Quality Time with our kids is probably one of every parent’s top priorities.

 I know it is mine.


My kids ARE my LIFE. I have a job to teach and love them. And, I do NOT take it lightly. I try so hard to carve out Quality Time with each of them even though there is so much to be done.



Quality Time



In today’s busy world, work, household chores, and social activities all put a strain on time with our children. But as we all know, it’s important that we spend quality time together. It helps strengthen the bond between parent and child and lets our child know that we can be trusted and counted on.

Children who spend quality time with their parents often do better in school and shine in extracurricular activities, hobbies or sports. And though it can be ‘scheduled’ to a degree, Quality Time is something that happens when you least expect it. So, it’s important that you do spend as much time as possible with your child in a relaxed way as often as you busy life allows.

I know life is busy. I also know the need for more than 24 hours in each day for us moms but with a little creativity, I know you can come up with a plan. Prioritizing is the key.



Here are some helpful suggestions on how to make the most of your time and find a quality time where you least expect it.


  • Look at your household chore list and decide which ones can be left undone or be done imperfectly in order to make more family time. You might also want to consider leaving certain things until after your child has gone to bed to make the most of your time together.


  • Turn some of your everyday routines into time together and make them count. Sing some favorite silly songs on the way to daycare, or make that drive to and from school a great opportunity to discuss what’s happening in your child’s life.


  • If you have more than one child, realize that each of them needs your individual attention. You may really have to juggle things around to make this happen, but try to be flexible and creative when spending time with each of your kids. And no matter what, don’t skip those individual times with each child. By doing so you show them they’re lower down on the priority list than the cleaning or the grocery shopping.


  • Children thrive on stability and routines, so plan your quality times so that they can take place regularly. Maybe you can walk the dog together on weekend morning, take a shopping excursion together, have a scheduled night each week for a sit-down dinner together, or make a trip to the park.



Even though we all know chores, cooking, and cleaning have to be done in order to live without chaos we still have to make quality time for the little ones. It’s not just about having them fed, clean, and smart. Sometimes, it’s about the memories we make with them and the connection we have.



Things I do with my Girls.

  • I like to make grocery shopping fun and include my girls in the process. It is a fun Mommy and Daughter adventure planning and shopping for things we will be cooking in the kitchen together.


  • I know my favorite time to really talk and listen to my children is on our 25-minute drive to school and home from school each day. It is a time when we have little distractions.



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So, sit down and think about how you want to intentionally make sure you have quality time with your little ones each day. It will make your heart happy!


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