Self Care Tips for Mama! Because taking care of ourselves is part of taking care of our CHILDREN!

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Self Care Tips with FREE Printables!

Hey there, Mama! Are you in need of a few self care tips? I know you are!

Self Care for Mama

I have been striving so hard to stay “on top” of everything at my home the past few months and I AM SO EXHAUSTED! You too??

Why is it so hard to simply get the daily tasks accomplished?!?

You need to give yourself a break and add some guilt free convenience to your life.

I want you to know it is ok to not be perfect. It actually is so wonderful. Be kind to yourself!

All Moms work so hard each day and often times forget about themselves. (Myself included!)

We give all we possess to our children and our families. It is time to start acting differently!

Part of taking care of our children is taking care of ourselves! Let that sink in because it is 100% true!

Happiness is an inside job. We shouldn’t allow anyone that much power over ourselves.

Think about that.

They need us at our best! So, we have to make sure to take the time to tend to our self care needs!

Just a few things to help you that I have my eyes on! šŸ˜‰ HERE & HERE

Mama Self-Care Free Printable!

Happiness is a deliberate choice and an intentional act. We have to fight to keep up with our self care, Mama!

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Self-Care for Mama

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