Tips for Beach Trip with a toddler

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Tips for a Beach Trip with a Toddler & a FREE printable packing list too!


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Our family loves the beach!

I wish I was there right now! I love soaking up the sun and playing in the sand 🙂

We will not be going to the beach this year because we have a Disney World trip planned. I am sure that we will have a beach trip planned for next vacation, though.

We have taken our 4-year-old each year to the beach and we have picked up a few tips to share to keep everyone happy.


Tips for Beach Trip with a Toddler

Tips for Beach Trip With a Toddler


    1. Small Beach Umbrella & Small Pool

I love the colors of this umbrella- Beach and Patio Umbrella
This is the pool we have used for 2 years:) – Intex Kiddie Pool

These are the most important items for our family.  The pool was easy to blow up and we only poured a few buckets of water in it from the ocean. The umbrella was a perfect shade for the pool. The pool will contain your toddler to play and also it will help wash away any unwanted sand. My toddler enjoyed it to wash her sandy hands in.

     2.  Small Cooler that is EASY to Carry

I like this one- 16 Quart Wheeled Cooler

I like to pack drinks, snacks, and lunch. BUT. I do not like a huge cooler to drag down to the beach each trip we make. So. I think a small easy to carry cooler is best. I just pack each person a ziplock bag with all their snacks and put down in the cooler for easy access.

   3. Beach Toys & Floats

Love this bag that comes with the toys here- Beach Toy Set in Reusable Zippered Bag

Beach toys will keep the little ones entertained for hours. They did for us anyway. We have fun with floats in the ocean and in the pool too.

4. Beach Chairs & Towels

I personally cannot just sit on the sand all day. I have to have a beach chair to be comfortable. So it is worth it to me to carry it down to the beach each time we go.

This one has a drink holder too 🙂 Beach Deluxe Low Sling Chair

    5. Sunscreen

I like the spray and stick brands. I use them together. The stick is easy to apply to the face and the spray can be easier with a non-stop toddler. I just make sure to apply it often.

I love this brand and that they have the stick- WaterBABIES Stick SPF 55, 0.6 Ounce

We also use the same brand in the spray too- Coppertone WaterBABIES Quick Cover Lotion Spray SPF 50




Tips for a Beach Trip with a toddler


Free Printable Packing List

Download it here ->  vacation packing checklist



What are some of your tips for Beach fun with little ones?

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